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B.Com (Honours)

Understand the legal formalities involved in a business contract. Helps to analyse the financial statements, capital structures, dividend policies of the companies, to understand the human resource policies and marketing strategies adopted by the companies. Foundation to pursue taxation as a profession.

B.Com (Computer Applications)

The Bachelor of Commerce with Computer Applications program helps the student to: Learn commerce as well as computer applications, and work on projects in both domains. Get on the job training in reputed firms and secure an edge over standard B Com graduates. Acquire a foundation for higher professional courses. Get industry-ready by taking up value added courses.

B.Com (Taxation)

B Com in Taxation degree course prepares students for a professional qualification in taxation, finance, and accounting and provides a solid base in the field of Taxation, Accounting, and Finance, thus making it easier to acquire a leadership / managerial role in the financial sector. It helps the student to: Acquire skills for a career as a tax practitioner, Gain specialization for placements nationally and globally, Get the foundation to pursue higher professional courses such as CA, CWA or ACS

B.Com (Business Analytics)

Business Analytics is the hot new buzzword in IT and Business. The proliferation of digital technologies with digital storage and recording media has created massive amounts of diverse data, which can be used for making and carrying out of decisions in Purchasing, Manufacturing, Marketing, Human Resources functions and many other Purposes.This Course helps Students to think critically about data and the analyses based on those data—whether conducted by concerned person or someone else ? It Enable Student to Realise Business analytics is an integral part of modern management in identifying opportunities for creating value using business analytics and it also helps to estimate the value created by using business analytics to address an opportunity ? To enable learners to develop expert knowledge and analytical skills in current and developing areas of analytical statistics

B.Com (General)

Basic understanding of accounting policies with practical application. Learn to prepare cost sheets, enabling them to pursue a career in taxation. Enables to work with various practical dimensions of accounting, law and taxation.

B.Sc (M.S.CS)Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science

Develops problem solving skills which help in developing logical tools. Develop skills for pattern recognition, probability concepts and statistical models which are basics for statistical inference. Develops logical skills enabling them to get ready for high end technology oriented programmes.

B.Sc (M.P.CS)Mathematics, Physics & Computer Science

Develop mathematical concepts and theorems that help in construction and deconstruction of mathematical models. Further study and research in physics. Develops logical skills enabling them to get ready for high end technology oriented programmes


The Bachelor of Business Administration course assists the student in understanding and developing the unique leadership qualities required for successfully managing business functions, an organizational unit or an enterprise. The student gets a broad awareness of the functional areas of an organization. The BBA program helps the students to 1.Acquire professional skills. 2.To focus on the holistic development of students 3.To provide the students with the opportunity for interdisciplinary learning. 4.The program serves as a stepping stone for higher career programs like MBA,CA,CS,MCOM etc. 5.To integrate the class room –based education with practical work experience in the real time business environment through projects.


BCA Course is a study of basics of computer science and its applications. The course prepares students for roles pertaining to Computer Applications in IT industry. Students develop programming skills, networking skills and learn application packages, programming languages and modern techniques of Information Technology in this course. The BCA helps the student to: Acquire skills in the lucrative field of Computer Science/Applications Get a foundation for post-graduate studies in Computer Science/Applications Gain software development skills to become entrepreneurs some day Get trained on industry standards for quality

M.Sc Statistics

Statistics is basically mathematical equation sets that are used for analyzing things and situations. Most of the information around us can be determined mathematically with the help of Statistics. As the world is progressing at an accelerated rate with the emergence of technology, keeping up with all the information is becoming difficult. Organizations require qualified professionals who can handle the statistical data and deduct key details and information. MSc Statistics is a course that takes you deeper into the field of Statistics and its diverse applications in different areas of our lives